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Super Chexx Bubble Hockey was invented in 1982 and was instantly a fan favorite. Since then it has become a classic, as it remains one of the most fun and addictive hockey games on the market today. Add it to any event to create a testosterone-fueled competitive frenzy! Jump in there ladies because brute strength and violence don’t cut it in this game. It’s all about keeping your cool and strategizing. Choose teams; Canada, USA, Russia, Ottawa or Toronto. We can customize teams for an additional charge (with 2 weeks notice please).

Super Chexx Hockey

  • Size of Game 60"L x 36"W x 54"H
    Space Required   
    Weight of Unit  130 lbs
    Number of Installers 2
    Number of Operators N/A
    Number of Players 2
    Recommended Age 5 to 95 years
    Max Weight Per Players  N/A
    Height of Players  N/A
    Power Requirements 1 circuit or generator
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