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Put on the skin-coloured foam suits and adjust your thong. Use your belly to bounce your opponent off the mat for 1 point. Knock him to the ground for 2 points. Do a belly flop on him for 3 points! The suits fit most people over the age of 12 years. Includes 2 suits, 2 helmets and 13' round foam mat. Choose between the classic foam suits or our new bouncy inflatable suits.

Sumo Suits

  • Size: 13'L x 13'W 

    Weight: 40 lbs

    Operators: 1 required 

    Number of Riders: 2

    Age: kids, teens and adults

    Weight of Riders: 200 lbs

    Power: none required

    Includes: 2 suits, 2 helmets, foam mat

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