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Hurry, hurry, step right up! This premimum package offers amusement-park quality rides, games and treats. The sky dancer will let everybody know exactly where all the fun is. We provide generators and gasoline to power all the equipment. Our amusement ride mechanic will inspect the final set up to ensure proper installation and safety. We are licensed by the T.S.S.A. and insured for $2 million. 


Please provide 2-3 volunteers to operate the Grand Carnival. 


Delivery not included in total price. 



Carnival Package

  • Carousel Bouncer

    Giant Obstacle Course (65' long)

    Sky Dancer 

    Carnival Slide

    Grand Carnival (4 games)

    Trained Operators (3 hour event)

    Generators & Gasoline

    Insurance & TSSA Certification

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