Book Your Date
Please sign and return the rental agreement within 24 hours. A 25% deposit is due immediately to confirm your date. The remaining balance is due at least 14 business days before event date please. For event planners and third party bookings we require full payment at the time of your booking confirmation. You can sign and pay through our secure website.

Please ensure full payment is made prior to event. We are not able to load up our delivery trucks otherwise. We accept cash, certified cheques, company cheques, e-transfers, Visa and MasterCard (credit card payments require a 3% service convenience fee). Please make cheques payable to Runamok Amusements. NFS cheques, bogus credit card numbers or non-payment for any reason are subject to an additional $100 surcharge plus any costs we may incur to collect payment. Interest will be calculated at a rate of 24% per annum on all outstanding balances. Should Runamok Amusements find it necessary to employ the services of an attorney, in order to collect payment from the client, then the client shall be bound to pay an amount equal to 100% of the attorney fees and any additional judicial fees.
Mailing Address: 1475 Thomas A Dolan Parkway, Dunrobin, Ont. K0A 1T0

We will call your cell phone upon arrival. Please greet us outside and direct us to set up area. Please reserve parking space for our trucks close to set up area for delivery and pick up. Read your rental agreement carefully. Customer is responsible to ensure all information is correct. Additional charges will apply if our delivery trucks are sent to the wrong address or at the wrong time or date. All parking fees and or parking tickets will be billed to the customer if they occur, it is important to ensure we have space to park a truck and trailer.

Set Up
We will arrive between 1 and 1.5 hours before your event for large events unless other arrangements are made. Equipment is setup, cleaned and tested before event and does not cut into your rental time. Our crew must be able to drive right up to the setup area to unload and reload. Please inform us at time of booking if there will be any steps, stairs, elevators, obstacles, paths, gates, corridors, loading docks, doors or walking distance to set up area. For setups inside buildings, please have the custodian available to remove the partition bar between the double doors if necessary. Choose a permanent location for inflatables. Once they are set up, they can not be moved (or additional fees will apply). Customer is responsible to ensure our equipment will fit into setup space. Please see our website for space requirements for each item. Set up fees are included in rental price and are based on 1 hour for set up and 1 hour for take down. If additional time is required due to circumstances beyond our control, additional charges may apply.

Grass is ideal! We can also set up on pavement, cement and indoor floors (not sand, dirt or gravel). Our stakes go up to 24âÝ into the ground to secure inflatables. Please ensure area is clear of debris such as: sticks, pebbles, pet waste, grass clippings. Ensure there are no underground wires, pipes, sprinklers, overhead wires or branches. For hard surfaces please sweep area clean before we arrive. Please inform us at time of booking if inflatables are going to be on a hard surface so we can bring a hard surface set up kit (we donââ¢t carry it with us otherwise).

We provide trained operators for the inflatables to ensure all safety rules are being followed. We do not provide babysitting service (guardians must stay with children). For large events, please provide volunteers to assist our operators with crowd control, monitoring the line-ups, taking tickets and washroom breaks. Our operators will be entitled to the following break schedule: 15 minutes (3 to 4 hour events), 30 minutes (4 to 6 hours). Please provide adult replacement operators during these breaks or the equipment may need to shut down for short periods.

Volunteers to Operate Games
Please provide volunteers to operate carnival games, dunk tank and concession machines. We will train your
volunteers on the safety rules. Volunteers must be minimum age of 16 years. To keep our prices low, we do charge for missing or broken game pieces so please choose responsible volunteers. We reserve the right to shut down any activity that is not being used properly or safely.

In some cases we may need to substitute items for reasons beyond our control. We will provide similar items that are the same value or higher value at no extra cost to you.

Weather Policy
We can still set up if forecast calls for a chance of light showers. If severe weather moves in during event, we will need to shut down (payment is non-refundable at this point). If the rain clears up, the children can resume playing. If our inflatables do get wet, we will require a drying fee (starting at $50 per unit). This will help cover some of the labour cost of setting them up the next day and drying them. We are not able to set up or operate during rain, electric storms or wind gust over 25 km per hour.

If you must reschedule due to rain or wind gusts over 25 km per hour, your payment may be transferred to a new date. To get your rain credit, please contact us 24 hours before the event (before we load the trucks) to discuss the situation and the possibility of postponement. If the weather is unsuitable for the safe operation of the inflatables, Runamok Amusements and the customer will mutually agree to postpone to a new date (based on availability). If the crew has already left the warehouse for the event, full payment is due. Cancellations for any other reason require full payment please.

Cancellation for School Events
In the case of inclement weather, Runamok Amusements will relocate the inflatables into the gymnasium when possible.

Customer Pickups from Our Warehouse
Please bring personal identification (driverââ¢s license) and credit card when picking up your items. We will help load them into your vehicle. Items that are returned late, wet, dirty, missing parts or damaged will incur additional fees. For missing parts you will be charged for the full replacement value of the parts, in some cases if we need to purchase an entirely new game, you will be charged that amount. Customer agrees to properly stake down equipment and provide adult supervision at all times. No show fees are 100% of rental fee.

Concession Machines
Please remove all food debris and wipe with damp cloth so the machines look clean. We will sanitize them back at the warehouse. Please do not use Windex on popcorn machine as it permanently fogs up the glass. If you prefer, you can just pay the $25 cleaning fee and we will clean them for you.

Final & Informed Consent
Some inflatable devices involve certain elements of risk. Although uncommon, injuries may occur while
participating in these activities. The following list includes, but is not limited to: Friction burns, bone breaks and fractures, nose bleeds and vomiting. Use of inflatable devices may cause minor to serious injuries or death. The risk of sustaining these types of injuries result from the nature of the activity and can occur without any fault of Runamok Party Rentals Inc, or the facility where the activity is taking place. By choosing to take part in this activity, you are accepting the risk that someone may be injured. The chance of an injury occurring can be reduced by carefully following instructions at all times while engaged in the activity. Runamok Party Rentals Inc. is fully insured with Bradley's Insurance under policy SGP401797 and licensed in Ontario by the Technical Standards and Safety Authority (TSSA) under license number ADL2645.

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