This circular, inflatable golf course includes a modular hub and all 9 holes that can be arranged in any order. Unlike other inflatable mini golf courses, this inflatable is designed for patrons to walk around the putting surface, preventing their movements from disturbing the ball. And since the surface is inflated, simply turning on the blower results in a smooth playing surface. Includes a motorized windmill, loop and spiral! Space an issue? Can also be booked as a 3-hole or 6-hole mini golf course. Great for any event. Includes golf clubs, golf balls and score cards. 

Inflatable Golf Course

  • Size: 38'L x 38'W x 7.2'H

    Weight: 260 lbs

    Operators: 1 volunteer required

    Number of Riders: 9

    Age: kids, teens and adults

    Weight of Riders: N/A

    Power: 2 dedicated circuits or generator

    Includes: unit, blower, 12 miniature clubs, 12 balls and 9 hole cups