Two players compete to become the ultimate sports champ. Aim, shoot and hit the electronic targets but only when they light up in your color! Choose Nerf guns, footballs, soccer balls, baseballs or bow and arrow. The wireless, electronic scoreboard keeps real-time score and announces the winning team at the end of the timed game.


Please provide 1 or 2 adult volunteers to operate this game and help younger children reload Nerf guns. 

Electronic Sports Gallery

  • Size: 15'L x 15'W x 13'H

    Space Required: extra 3' on all sides

    Weight: 145lbs

    Operators: 1 required

    Number of Riders: 2-4

    Age: 10 to 100 years

    Weight of Riders: N\A

    Power: 1 dedicated circuit or generator

    Includes: unit, blower, stakes, choice of ball type or bow and arrows, set up, take down, cleaning (before and after your event), insurance, TSSA certification