This giant, commercial-grade machine will produce tons of safe, fluffy foam. It will cover an area of 30'L x 30'W x 4'H. Fill a pool or fill your backyard! Fill your party with laughter! Just add bikinis, beach balls and music. It's a perfect crowd pleaser that will get everybody up off their lawn chairs to join in the fun.


Foam solution sold separately. One packet will last about 45 minutes of continued use or 1 hour of intermitent use. We sell the foam solution packets at an additional charge of $35 each. Please supply a tap and garden hose to reach the foam machine set up area. 


For even more fun, be sure to add the Foam Party Dance Floor. It will contain the foam and make it last longer. It will keep your yard from getting muddy. You may also wish to add the P.A. music system.  

Foam Cannon

  • Is the solution safe?
    Yes, the foam solution is bio-degradable, non-toxic, non- staining hypoallergenic. This is completely safe for kids and adults. MSDS can be provided upon request.


    How long does foam last?
    One packet will last about 45 minutes of continued use or 1 hour of intermitent use. We sell the foam solution packets at an additional charge of $35. 


    Does the machine need to be elevated?
    Yes, the machine needs to be elevated approx 6 feet high on our included stand. Shut machine off when foam reaches desired height.

  • Size: 22"L x 20"W x 20"H

    Space Required: up to 30' x 30'

    Weight: 39 lbs

    Operators: 1 required

    Number of Riders: unlimited

    Age: kids, teens, adults and seniors

    Weight of Riders: N/A

    Set Up Crew: 1

    Power: 1 dedicated circuit (regular 110v outlet)

    Includes: unit, 5 gallon bucket, short hose, syphon, adjustable stand